Author Deborah Kreiser

photo by Rachel Morgenstern

OMG! I’m, like, sooo interesting.

Not really.

But I’m still going to tell you just a little bit about someone very special:

I love to write! (Surprise!)

I’m 5’11” and have no hand-eye coordination, so I do not play basketball. I did row crew, though.

I have two lovely children and two hairy dogs, but only one handsome husband.

I went to Vassar College for undergrad and the University of Delaware for grad school.

I spent my junior year of college in Ireland.

I sing–la la la la la!–a cappella.

I was born in upstate NY but grew up in MD and now live in Massachusetts, which is a wicked cool state commonwealth.

For more of my scintillating wit, follow me on Twitter: @DeborahKreiser or you can email me: deborahkreiserfrancis at gmail dot com.


2 responses to “About

  1. Anne

    Just read some of your blog—very cool. Hey Genie….I wish I had more time for this kind of stuff! I know, my wish will come true in about 6 years when my last kid graduated from hs!
    Take Care,

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