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How Do I Love CPs? Let Me Count The Ways

I’m not really going to count the ways, because I posted on the wonderfulness that is a critique partner months ago.

But here’s yet another reason why I love my critique partners: they keep me focused. I have three manuscripts, mostly completed, but not at all polished. My brain kept flitting from one to another, and my “spare” (a.k.a. writing) time was spent trying to figure out which one I should work on. If you’re like me, it’s actually easier to write the first draft than it is to go back and identify problems and do the hard work of editing. So I was even toying with the idea of just going on to my next MS and leaving the others behind.

I sent them an email with the subject: What should I work on?????? (Yes, I used that many question marks. It makes me feel good.) And then I asked the following questions:

1. Which one do you think has more potential to snag an agent?
2. Which one needs *less* work before it’s polished?
3. Which do you like better?
4. Or should I just chuck them both and go back to The Evergreen, or skip ahead to My Girlfriend Is A Genie, or a whole new project????????? HELLLLLLP.
They talked me off my writing ledge (which was filled with punctuation marks), and persuaded me to give my full effort to A Pox On Both Your Houses (the re-interpretation of Romeo and Juliet that was my 2013 NaNo project). So that’s what I am going to do, hoping that I’ll have it all polished and ready to start pitching by the time the New England SCBWI* conference rolls around in early May.
*Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

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