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#WhatsUpWednesday? NaNoWriMo, Silly

The to-do list is a tiny bit shorter today. Last night I completed my “pre-editing” revisions to get my manuscript ready for publication. It looks like April 15 is the release date for THREE WISHES! Yay!*

And I’m tackling NaNoWriMo like it’s my fourth job.**

Monday was CRAZY and I only put in a couple hundred words into the new book, working title A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES. But otherwise I’m getting in about 1700 words per day, which keeps me on track to “win” for the third year in a row. Oh, NaNo, how I love you and your butt-kicking ways.

It’s really not ready for prime-time, but I’ll post the first 150 words here, just to tease you.

“Ready, Mr. Secretary?”

My father nodded at his aide and gave him a thumbs-up. “Born ready, Sam.” He let out his trademark guffaw, beaming as he descended the marble stairs to the ballroom below, proud of his custom-made designer tuxedo and Italian shoes. Music boomed from the speakers hidden around the room while lights glistened off the women’s fancy dress gowns.

For my dad, these political events never got old. For me, they never were fun to begin with. I inhaled deeply. Yup, smelled like money. Sighing, I followed my father down the steps, holding on to the curved brass railing for moral support. An elbow landed square in my ribs. “Smile, P.E.” Dad commanded. My lips curved upward and I stood up straighter. I knew how to make appearances count, too. In a world like ours, sometimes your appearance is all that you have.

Best of all, I’m listening to the Smiths as I type along. Puts me in the right mood for writing. A bit morose and navel-gazing-y***, just like my YA characters.

*Just realized that’s Tax Day. Boo. But Book Birthday will cheer me up!

**Yes, I have three (paid, PT) jobs (on top of mother, volunteer gigs, yadda yadda–oh, and I’ve started substitute teaching, too, so I guess that’s #4. Whatevs!). Don’t even ask what my schedule looks like.

***That is so a word! Check the OED.



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