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Join me on #k8chat tonight!

You know me–I know everything about everything.


Photo by Matthew Bowden.
Silly lady, your screen is blank.

Okay, maybe not.

But I do know a little bit about being an intern, both for a literary agent (Michelle Johnson) and for a publisher (Spencer Hill’s Reading With Me program). So the fabulous Kate Tilton asked me to share my insights with the Twitterverse, and it’s scheduled for TONIGHT at 9 EST!

This is what Kate said on her blog:

#K8chat is a weekly chat for authors AND readers. Every week we join together to talk about a new book/publishing topic, usually with an awesome special guest and prizes! #k8chat is held every Thursday at 9pm Eastern. You can check out our previous chats log on the #K8chat page.

This week on #K8chat I (@K8Tilton) will be joined by guest Deborah Kreiser (@DeborahKreiser). If you have ever looked into working in publishing, this is a chat for you! Deborah and I will be talking about publishing internships and answering all your questions. So hop on over!

Hope you can join us!


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Get Thee to A Conference

Let’s go back in time to a year ago. I was just about to attend my first writer’s conference (The Muse and the Marketplace–totally rad) and hadn’t yet finished revising my Very First Manuscript. I was starry-eyed, intimidated, and completely clueless. I’d been writing in my little bubble, with the encouragement of my amazing friends/beta readers, but knew no other writers.

Ignoring for a moment all of the other awesome things that happened that day (Meeting Lois Lowry! A fellow (very young) writer telling me out of the blue that I looked to be in my twenties (ha ha)! Hanging around with other YA fantasy writers (one of whom coincidentally graduated from my alma mater)) . . . the very first session I attended taught us all that we Must. Join. Twitter.

I rolled my eyes–I tend to be a wee bit anti-technology at times–but figured hey, these folks knew what they were talking about. So, quietly, and a bit skeptically, I joined. Slowly, I started following people who seemed interesting, and even more slowly, people started following little big ol’ me.

Let me say that *just* doing that made every penny of the conference fees worth it. I have learned so very much on Twitter, by following other writers, agents, publishers, readers, you name it. Not to mention the support that we get from others in this field. So nice!

When I look back at me a year ago, I was such a novice. And I’ve gained so much knowledge that I think I can call myself an intermediate. 

In about 36 hours I’m heading out to Springfield, Mass. to the New England SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)* Conference, and I’m excited to find out what new information I’ll be learning and contacts I’ll be making this year. This time I won’t be a newbie, nervous about talking to the “real” writers.

And this year, I know I have nothing to lose by reaching out and building even more of my own community. Because writing on your own is just not as much fun.

*That is a wicked long name, BTW. Even saying the initials is a mouthful, and I’ve been told that saying “skibwee” (which I want to do) is a faux pas! 😛


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Twitter Friend In Real Life

I had a surreal experience today.

I have been following the fantastic trajectory of another writer, who finished her first novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2012. She had an agent two months and one day after she put the final period on her manuscript.

How did she do it? I’m sure it’s talent–though I haven’t yet gotten to read her work–but it’s also a great premise–I have seen her pitch and query letter, and they’re both awesome–plus incredible good fortune.  (BTW, I don’t think I’m saying anything she wouldn’t say herself.)

She got four requests from a pitch on Brenda Lee Drake’s January Twitter Pitch Madness (#PitMad–the next one’s at the end of March!) and one of the requests was from her dream agent. One thing led to another, and it was a match made in book heaven. She has some edits to make, and then her agent is going to begin submitting her manuscript to editors.

I started following her on Twitter back in January out of utter jealousy and amazement. Hey, if she can do it, I can too! I thought. Then I followed her blog. Then we started tweeting back and forth.

Then we started emailing, and she gave me some great tips for my own query and pitch. She told me I just had to enter a pitch contest, which I ended up winning! My full manuscript is with the agent right now.

I bragged to all of my friends and family about my cool Twitter friend. She lives in Florida, and I’m in Massachusetts, so I figured we’d never actually meet.

Then today, I wanted her advice on a partial manuscript request I got today . . . and she gave me her phone number. What? My Twitter friend really truly exists In Real Life (IRL)? And she has a cell phone, and isn’t afraid of me stalking her?*

Oddly enough, talking on the phone and hearing her voice for the first time was just as I would have imagined. She’s as awesome and friendly there as she is on social media.  She even told me to text her if I had any more burning questions.

Now, maybe our paths will cross at a writer’s conference somewhere in the middle. In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying my friend both virtually–and IRL.

*I would never do that.


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