Freelancing as a Bird

So, I’m not literally pretending to be a bird! Image

But I have just started doing some freelance editing, and my first gig is a doozy. Both in terms of length (113k words–about 400ish pages) and in terms of story (awesome!!!).

Of course, I can’t give you any details, but let me just say, this one is going to blow everyone’s socks off when it’s published. I believe that will be sometime later this year.

It’s won multiple awards, and no surprise. As a sci-fi/thriller/steamy romance, it hits ALL of the buttons.

“But, Deborah!” you might say. “Didn’t you just start your new librarian job? And your first book just came out? And you still want time for your family and your own writing!”


Yes, yes, and yes. Not to mention I’m an intern for Reading With Me (Spencer Hill Press), and have all of my own social media that I’m trying to keep up with. And I just got back from an awesome week-long vacation with my kids, which put me further behind on everything.

I’m crazy, and I know it. It’s hard for me to say no to great opportunities, though, which makes for long periods of insanity in my house. Hopefully, I will just ride the wave of stress until we’re all back to (relatively) normal.

At least I get to edit an amazing book while I’m at it! I cannot wait to share the details when it’s published.


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