Michelle Johnson (@MJsRetweet): So good, she gets her own blog post

A few months ago I posted about how I was able to land an internship with a literary agent. That agent is Michelle Johnson, of Inklings Literary Agency.

I’m still pinching myself as to how I got so lucky to work with Michelle. Reading some of the manuscripts she has requested and reporting my impressions has been an incredible education for me. Like you’ve heard everywhere, critiquing others’ work really does make you a better writer.

But more importantly, Michelle has been generous with her advice to me. When I could have gone wrong with some less-appealing offers and requests, Michelle shared her knowledge of the industry. When I got my contract from Astraea Press, she reviewed it and put her final stamp of approval before I signed. I got to talk to her and email back and forth, and realized that an agent like Michelle is what every writer needs. So when I thanked my critique partners, beta readers, publisher, etc. earlier this week, I could have put Michelle at the top of that list–but I saved her for her own post.

I’m so glad I’ve gotten to intern for her. Thanks, Michelle! And now I have to finish my latest report for her.

Oh, FYI, she’s closed to submissions right now (collective groan, I know, I know) but when she opens up, GO FOR IT!


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