#WIPMarathon: I’m A Turtle, Not A Hare

Hurrah for Ifeoma Dennis! If you’re not yet following her blog or on Twitter, you should. She’s a writer and a full-time medical student, and apparently never needs sleep, with all that she gets done.

A few days ago, I saw an exchange between her and Nikki Diehm, another writer worth following. The two of them agreed to do an August writing marathon. Hence, the #WIPMarathon was born. Of course I stuck my nose in too: “Is there room for one more?” I asked.

Apparently there was, and now our little group has grown to, like, 32 writers! Wow!

Of course, this blog post was *supposed* to go up before the end of July. Sigh. I’m still counting myself in!

And if you want to join us/find us, click here!

ImageMarathon Goal:

I would like to complete another 15k words on my WIP, THE EVERGREEN. It’s a contemporary MG, so that might actually take me through the end. 

Stage of writing:

I already have about 20k written in the first draft. I’m trying to be realistic about my expectations, and not drive my husband crazy by staying glued to my computer 24-7. 

What Inspired My Current Project:

Earlier this year, the Westboro Baptist Church, notorious hatemongerers, protested at my alma mater, Vassar College. I started thinking about what would happen if they protested at the funeral of a gay servicemember, and what that might do to the family of that person. And so Ricky/Rick Gonzalez was born: an almost-thirteen-year-old who wants desperately to keep his two moms a secret from his new school. 

What Might Slow Down My Marathon Goal:

Oh, just life.

I have two kids, one husband, and three part-time jobs, in addition to my internship with Inklings Literary Agency, several demanding volunteer gigs, and critique partners I need to crit!

Yeah, on top of that I’m still querying THREE WISHES, my completed MS, and I’m dusting off a completed but totally unpolished historical fiction MS I wrote during NaNoWriMo last November.

My husband and I are spending most of our free time working on DIY bathroom remodeling project, too.

So, I’m a wee bit busy. But who isn’t? And I want to keep writing!

I’ll be trying to keep up my moderate, turtle-like goal, while watching the other WIPMarathoners zip by me within the first few days. No matter. We’ll all (hopefully) get to our own finish lines.



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2 responses to “#WIPMarathon: I’m A Turtle, Not A Hare

  1. I like your goal of not driving your husband crazy being glued to the computer 24/7–it’s a nice reminder to not do that to mine this month. 🙂 Best of luck getting some writing done on THE EVERGREEN while living your crazy-beautiful-busy life. The premise sounds AMAZING!!

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