Getting Back to A WIP


I was working away on THE EVERGREEN, my MG WIP, and was getting it written pretty quickly. I had sketched out the plot, but I hardly needed to refer to my notes. The writing just flowed out of me. I knew precisely where I was headed with the story.

Then I got some great feedback from an agent on the manuscript I was querying, THREE WISHES, and I couldn’t wrap my brain around two books at the same time. So, I left THE EVERGREEN behind–temporarily, of course–certain that I could come right back to it and have the writing go as easily as it had before.

Yeah, so.

I’ve never tried bouncing from project to project before, and I have discovered that interrupting my brain’s natural progression is not so wonderful. I completed my revisions to THREE WISHES and tried getting back into THE EVERGREEN and . . . it’s like pulling teeth.

I still know where I want to go, but it’s just coming out of me so slowwwwly. And painnnnfully. I consulted with one of my critique partners, and we think I should try writing the ending (I was about 1/3 of the way through when I put it on hold), and then go back and try filling in.

That’s where I am, now, with some progress on the final chapter, and it’s coming along. I’ll be curious if this technique works. Usually, I am very linear in my writing, so this is a new approach. I have no intention of shelving this story, as it’s still in my head, waiting to burst out, so I’m willing to try whatever it takes to make it happen.

Does anyone out there have any other suggestions? 

*Middle Grade Work-In-Progress


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