Literary Internships: They’re Not Just For College Kids

So, for a while now, I have been contemplating how I could learn more about the publishing industry from an insider’s point of view. Imagine how excited I was a few weeks ago when I saw a tweet from Michelle Johnson, literary agent and founder of Inklings Literary Agency. In it, she said she was accepting applications for literary interns.

“Pick me! I’ll send you chocolate,” I immediately tweeted back. No, I didn’t (though perhaps I owe her some).

What I actually did was write a cover letter that was cleverly worded to make me irresistible*, and a resume that revealed my extensive experience in the publishing industry**.

I sent it in, and crossed my fingers, not really thinking I had a chance.

To my happy surprise, Michelle contacted me shortly thereafter and asked if I was still interested. I was.

She sent me a “test” manuscript to read and review for her, which I did.

I was thrilled to get her response yesterday saying that my comments were right on the money, and would I be able to intern with Inklings for the next six months?

Let me think about it. Um, yeah!

Now it’s official. I’ve signed the paperwork and everything. I’m allowed to reveal I’m an intern, but discussing manuscripts is a no-no. Ooh, this will be fun.

So, I will be reading about four manuscripts per month as part of the Inklings team. I’m looking forward to diving in–wish me luck, everyone!

*Not that irresistible. I didn’t even offer chocolate.

**Features editor in my high school newspaper. Actually, I doubt I even mentioned that, as it sounds pretty lame.


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