Illness and Camping and Visitors . . . Oh, MY.

I’m doing a micro-post here just to say I haven’t stopped blogging! No, sireebob.

But here’s the story. I had a cough for a while, (weeks!) and it wasn’t getting any better. Then I started getting fevers. That was the week I was helping to run a major fundraising event. So, pretty poor timing.

The day after the event I finally went to the doctor. “Deborah!” he exclaimed. “I think you have pnemonia!” This is my doctor who’s usually pretty chill, so I was surprised by the diagnosis, not to mention his reaction. And then he sent me to the hospital for chest x-rays, which confirmed the diagnosis. I was a little freaked out. He put me on antibiotics and told me I’d feel better very quickly, which was true.

He also approved me going on a family camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. If you live in New England, you know that MDW this year was rainy, with nighttime lows in the 40s. Cozy!!

Arriving back from camping, we had some awesome visitors: my brother, his wife, and their two little girls. Fantastic visit, the kids (and parents) all played well together, but it left me zero time to do any writing stuff.

So, here I am, three weeks after my last blog post, and finally ready to jump back in. This will have to suffice for now, with promises to do my regular weekly posts going forward. (I know, if I were organized, I’d write posts ahead of time, but I don’t fly like that.)

Other writing-related stuff has been going on behind the scenes, but I’ll leave that for the next post. TTFN!


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