Just a Little Bit


Yes, I admit it. For the most part, I’m genuinely cool with waiting to hear back on subs for my manuscript. But three months ago, I submitted a flash fiction story to a particular online magazine. I like the vast majority of the stories that they publish, so I thought I’d try one of mine.

It’s quick, fun story that’s meant to be TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek. And, trust me, it’s very obvious.

I heard back the other day, and it was rejected.

That’s fine–been rejected before, and I get it. This really is a subjective business. No harm, no foul, and all that.

But what annoyed me was that the critique of the story by a few of the editors was as if it was NOT tongue-in-cheek. They took it totally seriously.

I honestly would have thought it would be a good fit. They do a lot of serious stories, but occasionally a lighthearted one, too. And some of the stories they do publish aren’t awesome. (Hence, I thought I had a chance!) 😉

Anyway, I’ll try submitting it a few more places. If it doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll post it to the blog.

In the meantime, I prefer my grapes sweet, not sour. I’ve gotta to work on that.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear 😦 It really sucks with readers don’t *get* the basic point of a piece. Anyway, good luck on the rest of your subs and give me a heads up when it’s published so I can read!

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