WIPs and Chains: Writers are Masochists!

WIPs are actually Works In Progress, but at times I feel like I’m being beaten by them. And they definitely chain me to the computer.

So, here’s my current status on THREE WISHES: still several fulls and partials out. I got a full request from an agent over whom I was particularly salivating, and was pleased to get a revise and resubmit from that. (Why pleased? Well, it means I still have a chance with that agent!)

Here’s my current status on THE EVERGREEN: on hold. And it’s killing me! My main character is tapping me on the shoulder impatiently while I wait to finish his story. But there’s no way this exact moment that I can work on the revisions for TW AND find enough time to concentrate on TE. Plus, it was spring break last week and so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I’m hoping I can still devote one writing day per week to TE even if I’m devoting most of it to TW.

Meanwhile, my kind, generous critique partners have been patiently switching gears with me as I flit from story to story, and they’re helping me through the TW R&R. But TE beckons, and distracts me from TW.


Okay, and now you’ll think I’m more insane, because I also started writing a short romance (<10k words) with a holiday theme. I was reading a call for submissions and a story just popped in my head. It was more appealing than revising TW, and I felt less guilty about it for some reason than if I went back to TE. Fortunately, that’s going quickly, and I expect to finish the rough within the next couple of days. For the record, I’m not putting my CPs through this new story, but will rely on my beta readers for some good critique.

So, yeah, we’re masochists. But writing feels so good . . .  even when it is all about WIPs and chains.


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