Wicked Cool

I’m not a native New Englander, but I’ve lived in the Boston suburbs for nearly a decade.* Up here, we say “wicked cool” when something’s, like, totally awesome. And what’s awesome right now?

Well, the weather’s looking better. I might be able to skip wearing my parka sometime later this week.

I registered my youngest for Kindergarten.

April Fool’s Day, a.k.a. Easter Candy Goes on Sale Day, is coming up.

Oh, yeah–and I won a partial request from agent Eddie Schneider on WriteOnCon’s PitchFest! It was a cutthroat competition** and writers and agents were incredibly mean and nasty as they read each others’ pitches and talked about them on Twitter***. Somehow, battered and bruised, I made it out the other side, clutching a bloodied copy of my manuscript and query letter****.

No, I haven’t heard back from Mr. Schneider yet, and I don’t know if anything will ultimately come from this win. But I do know this–it feels awesome just to have made it to this point, knowing how much talent is out there. It tells me that no matter what, I should keep doing what feels good: writing my heart out.

*Almost a quarter of my life, I just realized.

**There were a lot of writers who entered fantastic pitches. So many should have won!

***Everyone was so supportive and helpful. The writing community makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

****No blood was involved, although I did get a papercut recently.


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