Sometimes I Get That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

I was talking about my plot–what were you thinking?

So, if you’ve been keeping up with my amAzing blog, you’ll know that last week I was wondering whether or not to keep writing JUDGMENTAL or listen to that nagging voice telling me about THE EVERGREEN.

An interesting thing happened.

I had already decided to go about things a little differently this time around. I was at a point in JUDGMENTAL where I thought I needed to put more of my plot ideas down on paper before pantsing away, so I thought I should start developing a outline.

I bought ROCK YOUR PLOT by Cathy Yardley, which is a good, straightforward, quick read and workbook to help writers develop plots in a practical way. It’s not full of theory and background (which I’m sure would be interesting, another day), but has good examples and a quick method for putting together a solid plot. I recommend it.

Anyway, in the book, Cathy asks, “Is there something noticeably different than what’s usually in the genre?” and I stopped and thought. Wellll . . . I wasn’t sure if there was. I got to the part where she asks about the character’s internal and external motivation. Annnnd . . . I struggled again.

This went on for the first few chapters of the workbook, until I thought I’d try an experiment. I started over with plotting for THE EVERGREEN. It flowed like melted butter. It felt fresh, different, and fun to write.

So now I’m 2.5k words into THE EVERGREEN! I’ll never give up on JUDGMENTAL–I still think it has great possibilities–but I have to make sure that when I go back to it, it’s with some fresh ideas. It’s amazing what a little plotting can do.



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2 responses to “Sometimes I Get That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

  1. Thank sounds like a great idea–I’d love to get myself a reference book. Can’t wait to start The Evergreen!

  2. That’s so great that these exercises helped you make a decision. I’ve never been a plotter, but when I hear these types of anecdotes, I think maybe I should at least give it an honest try.

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