Waiting is Fun!!!!

I keep trying to convince myself of the above. But this old dog can’t change her spots that fast (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?).

My parents are right: I am an impatient person. With everything in life. And currently, waiting to hear back on a bunch of queries and several full manuscripts, I am just wearing. out. the. refresh. button.

I know this is supposed to take a long time. I know that I should could be distracting myself with the new WIP.

And yet.


Fuggedaboudit. I think I need a glass of whine.



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2 responses to “Waiting is Fun!!!!

  1. Oi! I totally feel ya. I’m in the queryland waiting game too,and WAAY less patient than I thought I’d be. Very difficult to force myself to write the academic articles for my PhD! =/

    Oh, also: On Sat, I’m hoping to do my Next Big Thing! =D

  2. Hahah! Yes, waiting is fun (I’m also trying to convince myself)!

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