I Need Advice

So I have this work-in-progress (see the Next Big Thing Blog Hop) and I’m so excited about it. It’s going smoothly so far, though I am taking a step back to do some proper plotting before I keep pantsing ahead.*

In the meantime, there’s this story. And it just won’t leave me alone. It’s very different from what I’ve written before. It’s MG and the MC is a 12-year-old boy. I wrote a quick blurb about it, and even gave it a title: THE EVERGREEN. 

But I’m not one of these people who can work on different projects simultaneously. Nor am I sure I want to. I also want to see the first project, JUDGMENTAL, to the end, before starting on the next.

Yet THE EVERGREEN keeps cropping up in my thoughts. Do I let myself get carried away with that, and temporarily abandon the first project (which is actually the third book I’ve worked on)? Or should I use my head, and concentrate on what’s already in progress.

I wonder if THE EVERGREEN would just be a distraction. Maybe I should back-burner it, and stay focused.

Has anyone else ever had this come up? What did you do? I welcome your comments.

*Pantsing=writing by the seat of your pants



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5 responses to “I Need Advice

  1. Great post because it’s happened to me many times! Here’s my advice: Write the blurb, which you have already done. Then, since it’s still bugging you, just sit down for a chunk of time and write everything about the story that is SCREAMING to be written. You know the ending? Write it. A specific exchange? Write it. Keep writing until you suddenly need to think, or have the urge to go back and fix a word choice or something, or start worrying about the plot/character. That is your sign to stop writing. By then, you’ve already squeezed out the juiciest bits (and those are the bits most writers are afraid of losing when they focus on the current WIP instead of the shiny new idea) and you’ve gotten rid of the itch. Now, when you ARE done your WIP, you can go back and all those bits will be there waiting for you 🙂 You can then inject them throughout the story. That of course, if just my opinion and you will find that everyone give different advice on this matter, because it is quite an important issue!

  2. I think Joan has some great advice. Man, I’m just like you, though. I can’t work on two projects at once, at least not both in the writing phase. I need a little mental separation.

  3. Emily D. Steele

    Yes, I’d agree with Joan and M.E. Since you’re really committed to finishing the other project, perhaps work toward a certain goal on that one each day and allow THE EVERGREEN to be your fun side project.

    Do you use Scrivener? It could be a very helpful tool for juggling a couple of projects.

    Good luck!

  4. Personally I find it easiest to just write it out of my system. I think our best rough-draft work comes in those creative spurts. Don’t stifle it, let it free! I’m always a big proponent of the “write (when) inspired” technique.

    Like Joan said, it’s when you get to that “ok the words aren’t flowing anymore” point that you have to start worrying about balance.

    And like M.E. and Emily said, I think it can be good to have some mental separation too, but you can think of this project as the one that you’re not *working* at per se (at least until the other WIP is finished), but rather the one that you just let flow when inspired.

  5. Thanks to you all for your comments. This definitely helps. I don’t use Scrivener (yet), but it’s more about what my brain can handle than anything organizational.

    I think I will take a day and just jot down everything I can think of with THE EVERGREEN and get it out of my system.

    And maybe contemplate trying Scrivener.

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