Love your book . . . just not too much

This is the pep talk I’m giving myself these days while gazing into the mirror at my baggy undereyes.  


Believe in your manuscript, but don’t get all OCD about it.  Manage your expectations and realize that it is most unlikely that you’re the next NYT bestseller.  Statistically speaking, you’re unlikely to get published, or even agented.  Just consider it all a learning experience.

Love your characters, love your book, do your best to query agents and be successful, but don’t love it too much.  Don’t see your manuscript as an extension of yourself, see it as just one small part of your creative mind.  It’s kind of like having children: you want the best for them, you love them, they’re a part of you, but they are not you.

And have fun!  The writing community is a really cool group.  How nice to have hundreds of new, like-minded friends to stress with commiserate with talk to.




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