When Characters Take Over

I’m almost 7k words into my new work-in-progress, and I’m not exactly sure what to do. That is to say, my main character has just started controlling the weather, which was not something I expected, or planned on.

Before I started writing, I scoffed when I read authors say things about their characters taking over the story. “Show ’em who’s boss!” I always thought. But then . . . it started happening to me. More than once, in more than one manuscript. My characters did things that were surprising, even to me. In my two previous manuscripts, I went with the flow and incorporated the plot twists into where I was heading. This time, though, I am just not sure if what the main character has just done makes sense.

I’m struggling right now with how much I should let my subconscious (that’s what it is, of course–sigh–not my magical main character *actually* coming to life) dictate the direction of the book, or if I should keep on the straight-and-narrow with the plot I had sketched out just a few days ago.

I guess I’m inclined to see where I can go with the new direction, as sometimes these twists resolve themselves. If not, I can always cut it out. Though, ouch. It’s painful to already contemplate cutting where I’ve only just begun. Part of the process. Right?



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2 responses to “When Characters Take Over

  1. I’m a complete pantser so my characters control me all the time *sigh* I have tried outlining and still find myself straying and it’s not worth the frustration of “ugh! I’m so far away from my original plans!” so I just ended up plotting as I go.

  2. I’m a plotter but when writing, the characters (and even events) overtake me and spin the plot into directions that surprise me…which is a good thing, I think.
    If it surprises you, I’m sure it’d surprise the reader!

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